• Growth
  • Diversification
  • Due Diligence
  • Risk Management

Investing for Future Growth


Wealth Springs Capital LLC is a family office that was formed after selling a third-generation family business in 2015.  Our goal is to continue a legacy of strategic investments for the growth and well-being of many future generations.

Private Equity

As a family that has operated businesses for generations we desire to partner with succesful entrepreneurs. We have made direct equity investments and in funds that select quality companies to support with growth capital.

hedge funds

The family desires to diversify its portfolio from traditional assets. We are very interested in new or established managers that can demonstrate the ability to generate significant returns with acceptable risk.

Real Estate

We currently own commercial, agricultural and industrial real estate.  It has always been a large part of our family portfolio.  We are looking for partners with proven experience in real estate development to partner with.